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Former child star RJ Stone has made the transition from kid actor to a huge career in major movies as a young adult.  Handsome, talented and not the brightest bulb on the string he is sweet, kind and smart enough to follow the directions of his crack staff.


Roman heads up public relations and basic living skills, teaching RJ things like eating the occasional vegetable will only help your work-out routine and putting soiled clothing into a hamper as in real life there is no wardrobe department.


Silent, sexy (and deadly) Roy is in charge of security for the star, keeping stalkers at a distance and a secret to himself.


Lupa runs everything home related, cooking and cleaning to rotating food out of the freezer. That task ends up leading on a wild chase across LA to retrieve what could be a very embarrassing item if it turned up as a spot on TMZ or Entertainment Tonight.


From neighbors who resent living next to the star to a possible black market poultry ring and some of his staff finding love in all the wrong places, the life of RJ Stone is overflowing with Star Power!

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