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Sexy Artie Eaton (who might as well have been legally named R 2 D-Two courtesy of his Star Wars obsessed parents) did not have a traditional childhood. 


Left mainly to his own devices Artie never know love until meeting Randy.  Each with a complicated past they give each other what they had been missing in their lives as the begin to build a dream life together.

When the dark sides of their lives collide, trouble begins.


Secrets from their pasts, coupled with harsh and hurtful words tear the lovers apart.


Moving on each man ties to find happiness but deep down they both feel unworthy of true happiness.  And they are still secretly head-over-heels in over with each other.


Randy, who had been lovingly nicknamed “Panda” by Artie, seems to have found happiness without Artie, but has he found what he has been longing for?  Is Artie, the man who gave him the endearing nickname, happy without him or does he have no other choice but to live with a Panda heat without his Panda?


This heart wrenching and heartwarming story will make you laugh, cry and feel both sorrow and joy for these characters as they race toward the goal of a happy ending!

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