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Looks can be deceiving.

Hairstylist Aaron Turner doesn’t consider himself overweight, just under height.


As stylish as he is outgoing Aaron brings a Carrie Bradshaw like wardrobe in extra-large and a fierce attitude to this adventure on the high seas, not knowing a killer has come along for the week-long cruise as well!


Friends Aaron Turner and Phillip Baxter have not yet settled into their luxury cabin when the bodies begin piling up.  The best pals begin to think the passengers of the Titanic booked better tickets when the find themselves linked to the dead.


Becoming suspects the friends begin to try and clear their names before the ship returns to Fort Lauderdale.  Or they become part of the body count.


Without weapons Aaron is left with only his wit to try and capture the killer.  Luckily his tongue is as sharp as his styling razor so he is more than up for the task with flair and bravado!  

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