Raised by his out and over-the-top Uncle and their “keeper of the house and rules,” Marta, handsome orphan Carter Ellis seems to have it all.  A loving home, the discipline to be a champion swimmer, and more money than an internet titan.  He is also kind, compassionate, caring and loyal. 


Carter also has a few secrets.


His struggles include a crush on the hot daddy next door, Ashford Tanner but that is minor compared to the hidden worlds which have been surrounding him his entire life. 


The secrets begin to give way when Carter learns that Ash and his young ward Ty are Vampires, creatures of the night who are working against an evil Vampiress and her honey sweet human “Renferew” who is determined to help her employer take over the world one bite at a time if need be!


While pining for Ash (while still reeling at the news that the object of his lust is among the undead!), young Carter diverts himself with work, a hot fling (who has a dark and smelly little secret of his own) and his usual bickering with hot-as-a-Marine-in-a-jockstrap, Ty. 


Thrown together to defend themselves against forces of the dark, Carter and Ty discover they have more in common than they realized, a long simmering attraction which had been hidden beneath a veneer of jealousy and hate.


Leatherwings is a fast paced, humor laced story which mixes blood and schemes with gore, fun and a lot of explicit gay sex.  A tale of power struggle, acceptance of who (and what!) you are and holding onto love with everything you have once you find it.