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Orphan J.D. Stephens didn’t miss what he didn’t have-parents, siblings or a home of his own.  After the death of his grandfather he became the neighborhood pass-around-kid, raised by a group of caring church members.


When traveling evangelists Brother Bob and Sister Tina are forced to hear the (unknown to them) prodigy play piano they quickly take him into their fold, where his talent and tragic story tear at the hearts of churchgoers across the Bible belt.


A hit on the revival circuit, J.D.’s talent and Bob and Tina’s showmanship soon turn their straw of a show into pure gold.  Brother Bob and Sister Tina are becoming more than financially secure, depending more than ever J.D.’s talent and story to keep the money rolling in.


As J.D. matures into a handsome young man he also comes into his own with his sexuality, ignoring the hate speak he has been living with his whole life.  When a crisis finally sends J.D. on the run he finds safety in the military where he meets Ethan, a sweet, (hot!), loving and loyal friend who has the burden of how own tragic past to live with.


Key Maneuvered, is a love story between two soldiers set in the present but not far from the Hundred Acre Wood…  

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