Drill instructor Sergeant Clay Norris has his hands full.  Between a new rotation of green recruits and a Senior Drill Sergeant with an attitude hanging over him the last thing he needs is to develop a crush on one of his trainees.


But Private Chevy “Banksy” Banks is an Adonis the Sergeant is unable to resist.  A natural leader, young Banksy draws the other troops in as well with his easy manner and warm-as-the-sun smile, a combination that melts the trying-to-sound-tough-all-of-the-time Drill Sergeant.


When the Senior Drill manages to tear the two men apart before anything beyond fantasies and longing glances can happen, Clay tries to move on and forget the young Private, throwing himself into his career, knowing that he may have to wait until he retires from the military to be able to partner up while understanding the irony that he is defending a freedom he is not yet allowed.  The right to e who he is and to pursue the person he loves.


Fate brings Clay and Banksy together again for a brief and joyous reunion, a time when they are able to begin planning a future.  That same fate bringing them together then cruelly rips them apart, each man then facing a trauma alone.\


Dog Tagged is set in post DADT (Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell) and pre the policy’s repeal; a time when being openly gay had seen many a lost career in the service.


Sexually explicit in places this story offers only a glimpse of how some men and women serving their country are not afforded the same rights as their heterosexual counterparts, with whom they fight side by side.


Incidents in Dog Tagged are based on true events.