The son of a General, Trent Green is the only one in the family not on a fast track military career.  So he does the only thing he knows he will be a success at and joins the Corp, where he literally falls into the lap of the man of his dreams.


Noah Wilson is sweet, honorable and while he takes Trent’s heart with his blazing smile he comes from a religious sect that lives simply.  No electricity, outhouses and a deep passion for their religion.


When Trent goes home with Noah on leave the two men take their friendship up a level to the physical, discovering quickly that their feelings are even deeper than they realized, the young Marines have fallen in love.


Trent hopes the two of them can make a life work out even after their time in the Corp, but an accident which keeps him constantly broke keeps the pair apart.


When a bartender offers Trent the chance to make some fast, easy money he takes is.  This “Gift of the Magi” type decision tears the young lovers farther apart.


Devil Dogged brings together a General, a Colonel, a conniving bartender and two Marine privates who go through mental and emotional battles to see if their love can survive while serving their time as Marines.